June 15, 2012.

Looking back at these Tumblr posts, I would definitely say that this year with Christian has been a fluctuation of UPS and downs. The hardships and struggles that we faced— although not as bad as some couples— have affected me both negatively and positively. There were many instances where I was an inch away from giving up because we fought about the same things and the progression came slowly. Our differences, although not great, were significant enough to make us distant towards each other. I found myself crying so much over things I shouldn’t be crying about it and during times when I should be focusing on academics. I realized that through the struggles, it has made me stronger. It made me feel independent and I did not crave for being with him constantly, because his absence made me appreciate the times I did see him. Those moments we shared when we were together, even if it’s just laying in bed for hours at a time, were something I lived for.

What was significant about yesterday [Christian’s birthday] is that it served as a culmination of all the good and bad times that we faced. It’s super cheesy, but I can honestly say that through the good and bad times, love never fails. I always have to keep in mind that whatever we go through as a couple is completely normal. The doubt, the jealousy, the pain is something that we must go through to become an even better couple. 

In a gist, all we did was eat and bond. But spending twenty four hours with him was a great way to appreciate the fact that being with him is a blessing and, although he is not religious, God can easily take this blessing away from me. It’s hard arguing with him whenever I see him. It hurts me when I find myself talking and talking and talking about what has bothered me in his car and crying like there’s no tomorrow. But gosh, I’m honestly happy that I have a man like Christian. We’re not that great right now, but we strive to be. We got lots of time.

I was so overwhelmed yesterday thinking about this. It’s summer and I’m gonna miss him. He’s going to summer school at Riverside while I’m here in Los Angeles. But I don’t know, yesterday made me realize that when I do see him, I’m gonna make that day special for both of us. 

"Through the good and bad times, love never fails"

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